What Does the Health Slogan "Technology When You Want It, People When You Don't" Mean?

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We have this vision that you should be able to A, care for yourself and B, engage with a health care provider when it's needed right now the default is to always in most cases passively ask your doctor I don't know I see patients and I can't tell you how many of them say to me, I don't know you're the doctor.

So a lot of this getting people beyond that well actually it's your life it's your body, it's your future you should be a lot more engaged around that. Now we bear some of that fault as healthcare that provides and having passified folks so the idea behind the slogan Technology When You Want It is when you call any like Apple does a good job of technical support, you call their technical support line you feel connected.

You may get a person you may not, there are a couple of other companies that just do not name, who don't do a good job and then call you immediately and getting into a phone tree, you never get a person. We don't want your healthcare experience to feel like that, and people do fear that and we talk about automated care.

They think they are somehow going to get excluded from their doctor, that's not what this ia about. It's really about extending your doctor to you in different ways that are more powerful that just don't always involve a face to face conversation.