Is the "Quantified Self" a Passing Health Fad?

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Well, quantified self is an interesting phenomenon, and I don't know that I would say passing fad, but it's certainly is a very small minority of the individuals, who are typically quantitative individuals, they're fascinated with numbers, and they take this idea of life hacking, that's another term for really to a whole new level and revel in the kinds of things they can learn about themselves through quantification.

We take care of patients at the Center for Connected Health, and I can promised you that most, the vast majority of patients just don't come anywhere near those interested in those quantified data. So ironically, the people who are the healthiest are by nature usually the most quantified and stay healthy and probably don't need a lot of help doing that.

The feedback loops alone keep them motivated. And the people who need it most, people with type II diabetes, people who are 50, 75 pounds overweight are the hardest to engage around quantified numbers and that's our challenge right now as we see it.