Are There Particular Health and Medical Technologies That Excite You?

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I'm excited about the future in several ways, one is the import of genetic information into these algorithms and we're getting to the point where not 23 in me is a $100, it's a $1000 and some quarters to sequence to hold genome. We're really getting to the point where we'll know your risk very early in life and can really start to tailor programs just for you, that's a really powerful piece of the future and it's a near term future.

The other is, as I like to say we now have all have the experience if we do online shopping that we've experienced what it's like to have a completely optimize browsing experience with motivational messaging that causes us to push the bye button. and I think in the very near future we'll figure out how to do that to motivate you to be more healthy.

Same kind of technology in the background which is massive data capture, massive analytics, but turned around to have a cut that's different than your mind behavior, the more you'll need to be healthy and message you on that, so I see that as very exciting in the near term. Sensors will get better no question about it, our ability to capture those sensor data and get them into the cloud that can be improved, that's getting better.

I think the next few years are going about learning more and more about how to analyse this data and how to motivate you around them.