How Important Are Electronic Medical Records to Your Company?

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Several very important things converged, and this didn't happen in a vacuum. I've been involved in the Electronic Medical Records space since 1984. I actually wrote the first book on computers and medicine back then, and I've involved in studying electronic medical record companies, and certainly in the 1990s believed that that was the future.

Because of that believe President Bush asked me if I would chair the P-Tech Committee on Health, the Presidents Information Technology Advisory Committee, that's the committee that wrote the blueprints for the Office of the National Coordinator that created the executive order that was signed to make universal adoption of medical records, electronic medical records a national policy and in the process of hours and hours of testimony and committee work, I came to the realization that electronic medical records alone aren't going to achieve what we need unless we can connect the patient to the system in real time.

Without that all we've done is put a computer between a doctor and a patient and turn the doctor into a data entry clerk.