What Do You Mean by Engagement in Consumer Health?

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There is so much information available now whether it's through a smartphone or whether it's through the Internet to learn about what's wrong with you. Your health, you can self diagnose you can read about the cases that other people will have that are similar to the case that you have but none of it is contextualized, so what we mean in terms of engagement is based on the data you put into Tick Track learning what is the right intervention to have with that individual that is complete tailored to them that is completely contextualized to what their data says that they need.

So as I said earlier because we're all sort of consumer web and loyalty guides our big driver is how do we find ways to educate consumers and engage them in something that's completely relevant for them, so the trigger for you in terms of becoming healthy may be that you realise that when you sleep less you eat more.

Now for me it may be, and actually when I become more stressed I eat more, so the tailored intervention that each one of us gets and the content that Tick Track sends me should be different and that's what we mean about by engagement.