How Do You Ensure the Content Is Accurate?

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Yes, so we were with the banking partners, so we have sort of two tranches to our business, our B to C platform which we mentioned earlier was more to the quantified self, more about people who are ruly/g in the kind of self tracking market and then a big B to D platform play as well.

So we work with payers, providers, pharmaceutical industry, big consumer brands and big self-insured employers, and in those examples, those products can create one label instances of Tictrac, and in their expertise is the confidence delivered to the consumers. So for example, back in the UK we have a partnership, we've been looking at where we bring in a big health insurer, we bring in a charity that has an expertise within a given field and they use a TicTrack engine to talk to their customers, and all the expertise that the charity has is the content that's delivered and contextualized as relevant to the individual.

Within the consumer play for example, you could take a big sports apparel brand, and they might actually be the experts in helping you run your first 5K. So, you could sign up to a project that was the XYZ sports brand, first 5K project and they'll teach you, anything you need to track, and here are the products and expertise that we have to help you achieve.