Are There Other Technologies That Complement Tictrac?

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So we have around 60 different API integrations, and it really is across the board from, like I said Wallace, blood pressure scales to, accelerometers to even things like music players. So, for example, you can sync your online playlists with your activity, your running app, and I personally can see if I run better when I listen to rock music versus pop music.

So the two datas has interact when I get a meaningful lifestyle insight. And I think it comes back to your earlier question. Why will people engag in this? So it's just those nuggets of information that actually personally I find very exciting, and I'll go in and I'll learn more about it and that will keep me running and keep me syncing my data.

Well really anything. We've built a completely open platform so you can sync any piece of data that you'd like to sync so if it isn't through a third party device with sensor, it can be sort of through manual trackers. I think we're at a place where all of the questions that we get asked are is it very pointer for itself? Is it really only relevant to the very small percentage of the population that actually do [xx].

In our mind, quantified [xx] movement will grow into just being, it will just be the way that you you live your life. You live a mobile phone in your pocket, and it captures all the information and all the data that you need to know about your self. What you then do with that data is entirely up to you, and we'd like to kind of meta layer across all that that pools all the different data sets together and then makes sense of it for you.