What Are Risk Factors for Schizophrenia?

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In addition to the genetic contributors there's a number of possible environmental risk factors. Some of this occur in gestation, so if the mother is exposed to some toxins let's say they've used drugs, let's say they get the Measles or some kind of viral infection ,she's there pregnant.

If they're undernourished because of some kind of starvation or other type of crisis that's in the environment. If there's a traumatic delivery at birth, hypoxia, brain trauma that occurs during delivery. And then earlier in life if there's some type of severe deprivation that occurs to the infant.

These are contributors. There's also a broader range of environmental contributors that have been determined, to increase risk for development schizophrenia in vulnerable people. One is urban living, another is being an immigrant to a new culture where you are not easily or readily assimilated but you maintain this separate recreational drug abuse or drug use.

So if you have genetic venerability of the illness and you happen to experiment with cocaine or methamphetamine or smoke pot these are risk factors also.