Is There a Healthcare System in Another Country That You Wish the U.S. System Was Like?

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In general I consider myself a social democrat that means the kind of overall social and economic organisation, that countriess like, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, have had for several decades. The basic idea, of those systems is we're a society, we got to hang together, everybody should have a chance, we'll pay our taxes but then we expect good public services for everybody.

That leads, to a high degree, of equality a good sense of social cohesion, a lot of social trust, and these societies seem to have somehow less driven focus to get to the extremes on everything, a little bit more moderation, but boy do they live well? They live longer, they're healthier, they achieve better health outcome so than the United States, does in life expectancy, or infant mortality rates, or health or lower the obesity level and so forth.

longer leisure time, more vacation time, more balance in life in general. Now there are wealthy sophisticated internationally competitive societies, but they say we don't want to go to the extremes of inequality, we want to hang together as a society.