Is Modern Medicine Moving from Treating Disease to preventing Disease?

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Public health is a discipline which now goes back 150 years or so, has tended to focus, not just on populations which is the public part of the health, but on prevention, and making sure that there is safe water and sewage in cities that epidemics are halted by quarantine. These are the old methods that prove their effectiveness is long time ago.

So, the field of public health has been about prevention. But, what's also clear is that as our lives change as we become much more urban as food became absolutely plentiful, and more than plentiful for a very large part of the society. It has a lot of industrial processing in what we eat and how we eat came, and I would say it's the advertising age came and learn how to present every one of our hot buttons.

And do so with magnificent, exquisite precision to get us to buy products and even to become addicted to things that really are not for our longtime well being. The behavioral side of health. What keeps us balanced and healthy in our lifestyles? That's really taken a remarkable assault obviously.

And so whether it's diet or substance abuse, tobacco along time which was a hugely manufacture the product in one of the great mass killers of the world. All of this has been a major factor, not traditionally seen, certainly not within the formal medical sector, really not even within in the health sector, but it has been a concern of public health.

Now, the way that American medicine has been reimbursed it's been for treating patients. It is not been giving the incentives buying large to help people to stay healthy. Who gets paid for that? If we had a system where the health ensures insetivised properly to make sure that people stay healthy rather than getting to the hospital, we have lot ,ore attention that kind of well being and behavior change that's coming now for sure.

And especially in parts of the US population that are more aware typically high educated population. There has been huge change age of lifestyle of course the tobacco use in moderation of alcohol in much healthier diets. But, in parts of the US less population with poor education, or where this more helpful behavior say in diet are simply more expensive per calorie.

It's harder for poor people, less educated people to stay healthy, and to know what healthy behaviors are. So, because American society is so unequal, and since there's so little direction to public health per say, it's not really part of our focus. I think we fall far behind what we could be doing, and far behind what more health seeking societies, I think of Scandinavia as examples have already achieved.