How Do You Measure Success at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation?

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I think the willingness to take risks, hopefully smart risks, and fail is absolutely critical in our work. What that requires is a willingness to take smart risks and learn. I like to tell our employees that even if our grantors strategies don't fully succeed, we only fail if we don't learn.

You have to have that process of continuous learning. I want to instill in each employee the foundation, the idea that it's not a good performance to set easy to achieve goals and make them. Good performance here means setting ambitious goals and even if you don't fully met all of those ambitious goals, if you monitor them, if you continuously learn, if you show the agility to always be adjusting that is what great performances of the foundation and so you have to instill that in the culture here so that you don't encourage people to only do the safe things because if things were that easy, these big problems would have already been solved.