Will Technology Replace Doctors?

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I try remind my colleagues that the objective of the healthcare delivery system is the survival of the patient not the doctor. But, if it is the usual well Jay, what's going to happen to us? I immediately put up a slide that is an exact quote from the London Times of 1834, and I'll paraphrase this, and by the way who did the quote come from? Why did they insert it in the paper? Came from the most prestigious medical body in England.

At the time, the Royal Society of Medicine to paraphrase the quote. It said that this new technology, and by the way the new technology they were talking about was invented or commercialized, in 1890, this was 1834. He was saying this new technology comes between the doctor and the patient, offers no new information, and is virtually worthless.

What was the technology they were talking about? It's called the stethoscope. Now, some people say that the only reason the royal society of medicine in England said that, was because stethoscope was actually invented by a french physician, and that was Dr. Laennec. So, my answer to my colleagues who said, well J, if you're correct, what's going to happen to us? I say nothing is going to happen to you.

You are going to be the same positions you always were. When you make a new observation the dead side that is going to be put into the AI computer program as a brand new observation. Once you make a new discovery at the bench in research that going to go into our database. This AI, artificial program computer expert is constantly going to be updated by new knowledge that you bring to the table.

So, stay put, don't worry about it just embrace it.