Why Has the Healthcare Industry Been to Resistant to Transparency?

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And I think it goes back to the belief structure within medicine that if you are well trained if you went to Johns Hawkins and you were trained by the best in the business, and your mentor was the best in the business and you learned everything from your mentor and you were well intentioned then obviously whatever you do, is of high quality and if you commit your life to continuous learning and reading the journals then why wouldn't what you do be the best? And I think that served us well for maybe 100 years but I think we're now in a situation where the amount of information that is cascading out of the science enterprise is so massive that no human could possibly carry that stuff in their head, and I think we do need a much more systematic approach to this.

And I'm very sympathetic to physicians because a lot of older physicians did not sign up for a world of evidence based guidelines, continuous oversite, monitoring of outcomes, disease registries, joint registries, they signed up for doing their craft the way they were taught by their esteemed mentors.

And I think a lot of them, and we know this from surveys are very unhappy about it. That this world has changed in this way.