Do We Have to Reign in Costs as well as Keep Quality High?

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I do not foresee. People sort of jump to the conclusion that well you talk about this cost issue so we're eventually going to do rationing. No we're not. We don't have to, we're doing rationing right now through price right, that's happening all the time though. Lots of people are left though because they can't afford stuff.

But we will not do bureaucratic death panels that's not what we're about, but what we will do, I think and we should do is to find ways to provide choices to consumers, that suggest to them and their families that perhaps when you get cancer and the evidence suggests that you are not going to be benefited by some of these painful, awful interventions, that perhaps better choices for you and your family be to consider [xx] of care option and that we do that in a much option sort of systematic and consumer friendly and thoughtful way that is compassionate, going forward and not make it kind of 'Let's try everything for grandma because we can.' type world, and I think there's a lot of lee-way there to improve the performance in the system.

But that's just one example of many where can change the way we do it, so that we make it economically sustainable.