How Can We Improve the Doctor - Patient Relationship?

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Well it's not folklore, you have to look for it, I just came from having lunch with the medical student, a first year medical student, and our discussion was all about the things he cares about, and the things he cares about are things that are what his relationship to his patient.

Now and I told him hold on to that and you'll be a fabulous doc, but you know what experiences will be better out of them, I don't know. One thing I believe is that we should keep the humanities in medical school in a very visible way. We should keep our literature, one of the books that I think most formulated my views of the relationship between a doctor and a physician was William Carlos William's doctor stories, and they were raw short stories about interactions that he had in Paterson, I think it was Paterson New Jersey, then going out in the middle of the night, seeing patients and delivering babies and with not always affection for his patients but their reality in the relationships were really strong and made.

To this day I can see the words on the page, they were so strong.