Why Is There a Stigma Associated with Mental Illness?

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As long as civilization has existed people have been frightened by mental illness. In a way it undermines the character or the person, or the personness/g of the individual that you know and so it's very frightening. It's a stigma because there has also been a traditional in which, that was an idea of possession by demons or outside forces that was the source of the mental illness.

We know better today scientifically, we have a lot more information about the nature of the imbalances in the brain that can lead to mental illness. We don't have totally effective treatments. We still need to do much more to understand the way the brain works, and what kinds of intervention both medical, in terms of drugs, and in terms counselling can be useful in affecting the life course of those who suffer from mental illness so this is a huge challenge for research it's still a challenge for society in terms of relieving ourselves of the stigma that has traditionally been attached to mental illness facing up to the problems including mental health as a core part of our health care system, and doing what we need to do to make progress in research.