What Are the Biggest Challenges Faced by the American Red Cross?

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Our biggest challenge is mother nature. At first, when you buy a new car, you suddenly notice everybody on the highway seems to be driving that car I thought well okay now that I'm at the American Red Cross and I'm watching weather channel more carefully maybe it's just my imagination but we have had wild, wild weather and looking back over all the stats and all the histories, we've had tornados weeks outside of the of tornado season, we had Hurricane Irene that stretched from a geographical territory larger than the continent Europe, we had floods, we've had wild fires, the worst wild fires in California's history happened since I've been at the Red Cross.

The worst planning in mid west year in 15 years happened at the Red Cross. So the biggest challenge is, are we burning out our volunteers? Will there be a disaster that's so big that we cannot attract the workers we need? I mean they step up time after time after time but when you get clobbered one after another, after another, it's a challenge.