How Is the Red Cross Involved with Disease Prevention?

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We are very much engaged in disease prevention and we have American Red Cross employees in 77 different countries, they are doing things like AIDS education and awareness, first aid training, preparedness training, a good example of this is Haiti. This is a country where they always suffer deaths when there is hurricane and that is the most preventable thing, they just need to go to higher ground.

So we have set up ball horns, calling trees, painting streets with arrows as to where evacuation routes are. So preparedness and assuming a culture of preparedness. We've also been very engaged with the partnership with the World Health Organisation, with the CDC, with UNICEF and the local Red Cross societies in many developing countries to stamp out Measles, it used to be that about two million kids died every year from the Measles, and so what we're doing is we are doing a massive vaccination program and the reason the Red Cross can do this is because we know every Red Cross Society in every single country, there are 187 of them, so we can take care of that last mile, we will take red cross volunteers in a country in Africa, let's say give them a bicycle and they will drive around getting people from far flange villages to come and get their kids vaccinated, so it's remarkable and the amount of disease is down about 90% in the continent of Africa we're now going to be aiming our efforts at India.