Why Is Our Healthcare System Unprepared for Global Aging?

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We're not really preparing as a world or as a country for global aging. We don't have a health care system that's like ready to sort of deal with the fact that most of the people on the planet are going to be over the age of 60 for the first time in human history. That's just become my mission in life, is to kind of prepare the planet for global aging, and to sort of figure out how do we reinvent healthcare for the 21st century because we are basically doing health care like we did in the 1700s.

Yes, there's new technologies, and new diagnostics and new equipment, but the fundamental premise that you wait until you're sick and then you go to a doctor or a clinic or you're rushed to a hospital to kind of put you back together again, I call this Humpty-dumpty medicine, put Humpty-dumpty again because you're broken.

That fundamental was invented in about the 1780s in France and in Austria, with the first, with the invention of the hospital. And we forget, we decided as humans at some point in history 1780s in Vienna and in France to invent this new idea of going to a hospital. Before that care had been done in the home, it was very personalized for you, and then since the 1780s we've kind of driven this kind of hospital-centric model of care for over 200 years, and we're now at a point technologically and demographically given global aging, where business as usual for health care, this kind of reactive medicine, wait till you're sick go rush to the hospital, have experts put you back together again with these amazing technologies.

We can't afford that, we can't afford it economically and it's not available to enough people on the planet, and we've got all these disruptive technologies and all these breakthroughs that we've done, in some ways I want to go home again, I want to go back to the way it was in the 1700s in terms of personalizing care and making people responsible for their own care, but now we can actually give them empowering technologies in the home, like almost every home be a hospital, and all of that for me has just sort of done just sort of deal with global aging because if we, we have fought civil wars in society over stupider issues than the question of who gets access to life-saving health care and who doesn't, and if we don't fix this huge societal problem, I mean it literally keeps me awake at night to imagine what will happen to our countries and to our cultures if we don't.