Who Owns the Data in Electronic Medical Records?

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The people that buy and deploy these electronic medical records are those that are using it for the workflow, so those are the hospital, those are the doctors' offices, and they are the insurance companies that have this data. What many of us have considered is we need a personalized health record, and the patients need to be empowered not only to be smarter patients and more educated patients, but they need to take charge of the data of the record.

What it means is, though you have applications that are computerized and worked in the hospital in the ICU or the operating room, you want the patient to have their own repository of that information, so when they have an episode of care, they're are in the hospital, or they're in the doctor's office, or an insurance company is paying for their care, the patients themselves should be the steward of their own data, and so there're projects like the Blue Button Project where data is sent from the electronic medical record to a service where the patient has control on access, Microsoft Health Vault and Google had a personal health record. It's taking some time for patients and even the providers to adopt this model, but we predict in the future that patients will be the solo owner of that data.