How Do Healthcare Providers Avoid Being Overwhelmed by Data?

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Right you could be day lose by data and that's the other opportunity with big data and analytics. Analytics is the term to crunch that big data, and you can imagine that you can build algorithms that are smart algorithms based on evidence and the computer can do that evaluation and support you, and you rely on it, you trust it because you built the algorithm.

The computer is only as good as what I tell it anyway and so if I'm a scientist and I have discovered over the last 30 years that evidence based care means this sort of care based on these diseases. When you build those algorithms into the data then you actually do what's called predictive modeling.

You can predict those those disease issues that could pop up and the best care for those diseases. So you actually have the computer do the work instead of the clinicians trying to do that number crunching themselves, and so I actually see it the other way around, and this is a very common concern that you bring up.

The computer is actually faster, smarter and more reliable than the human in actually managing that data, and so it will actually offload. This methodology will offload the clinician from having to manage massive amounts of data. It'll actually enhance their ability to deal with that data and take better care of their patients.