Would You Agree That the Healthcare System Itself Is Broken?

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I don't make universal statements about the entire system is broken, certainly improvements need to be made. We have a lot of waste in the system. IOM study said that about third of our health spending is waste. We could be doing a lot better than we are. I don't think that the healthcare system we have is driving the best value.

We certainly don't have the best to health outcomes in the world for the amount that we pay. We certainly don't have the healthiest population, and some of that is institutional, organisational, with the health system itself and other parts are social. We have a very disorganised Healthcare system, where you go see one doctor, and you have a series of test and then you go see another doctor, and you have the exact same series of test, so there is isn't a lot of care coordination.

We don't necessarily push for value in the system, making sure that we used evidenced-based medicine, or necessarily make sure that treatment step we're providing people are the most effective or even the most cost effective.