Should We Be Concerned About Patient Privacy on Health Apps?

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Well, I think privacy is super important, I think the larger companies are aware of that and are taking the precaution and so compliance hippers /g a term for basically the governments policies around how people shouldn't manage health care information. If you are collecting health care information from a person, how you need the security protocols you need to have around that.

So, a lot of people are doing that but if you are just downloading some random app from the App store, you are gotta be careful because it's not clear whether they are following hipper or whether their data is going on to I'll say SAS 70 infrastructure which is basically very secure Fortune 500 type infrastructure to make sure that any health care information you are putting out there that it is secure and it is private and that nobody is going to get access to it.

So one thing I always say is for consumers to be very careful about apps that are coming from non-branded names or companies that you would not necessarily recognize unless it's very clearly listed out there what their security and privacy protocols are.