What Is a Data Donor?

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As we're now more connected and social media certainly enabled us, we're more likely to share certain things with certain people sometimes when we don't know it. There's the opportunity to become a data donor. We're used to being organ donors if we can sign up to be data donors and create a movement of that, still in privacy mindful ways, I think most patients with diabetes or certain cancers they want to share their data, they want to help others.

They want to be plugged into a network that can help everyone sort of rise and and cross share. There's challenges to doing that, I think some cases the current regulatory setting is, creates fear from those who want to innovate and create platforms that can share data in smart ways and mine a 1000 genomes, and connect that to phenotype and medical history with the fear that somebody somewhere will be able to triangulate to one person and know that they have hypertension and history of gout.

Most people might not care about that, they may care if they've been diagnosed with HIV or bipolar disorder or others, and I think we need just to be careful about our privacy regiment but, I hope it can be tweaked in a way as to enable smart innovation and smarter connectivity without still squelching it.