In Terms of Healthcare Marketing, What Are "Utilities and Services?"

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I'm a manufacturer of a drug for instance, and what's my role in your care once that drug has been prescribed to you? Well, it could be that my role becomes to make sure that you are as compliant as you could possibly be on that drug ultimately leading to a better outcome. Take for instance a manufacturer of a diabetes drug.

We all know that that's only part of the process that you are going to have to go through to become a healthier citizen. So the drug is one piece are there other things I can build, utilities, services that can help me make smarter decisions around my healthcare. I do think that for pharmaceutical manufacturers that's potential for other revenue streams especially since the brands that they produce, the brands around the molecules they build are terminal, right? They don't last like the Nike or Coca-Cola, they have a patent expiry.

And when that happens generics comes in and they have to compete against that. They usually see incredible huge market share loss. What they can do is build services around that drug regiment that help people make more confident and smarter health care decisions and then even if the drug goes off pattern there's still a potential service that you you've build that works.