Why Is the Electronic Medical Record Important?

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If we want manage population health, and that's certainly one of the things that's part of healthcare reform is changing the way we actually practice medicine the way we reimburse for practicing medicine. It's around quality, and access, and lowering costs. In order to do that you can't improve what you can't measure, they use that old saying, and it's been very difficult to measure things in healthcare when it's scattered on pieces of paper all over the place.

Also from a safety standpoint, you and I might see dozens of different doctors in our lives and yet some what sporadically for most of us that don't have a chronic disease, it's here, it's there, it's everywhere we need to bring together all that information so that you have a unified record, so not only I think for your own safety to make sure that what's in there is right and quantifiable, but also so that we can use that information to measure what's going on across the population of people and improve health.