How Does Technology Fit Into the Personalized Medicine Concept?

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What personalized medicine does as we get into the genomics, ecogemnomics, proteomics of the individual human being and if we can start really looking at the genome or the price that if it is affordable, and indeed technology is taking us that direction. Then the opportunity is there for personalized medicine and we're already seeing payoffs so I was just reading today about a new melanoma drug which is absolutely amazing and we all are familiar by now with the Angelina Jolie's story around breast cancer and looking at genetics of breast cancer and ovarian cancer and applying treatments in some case mastectomy, but in some case drugs that help people with a particular genetic disorder.

So that's very promising the downside is is it today many of these new drugs that are coming to market are really, really expensive, now you can make an argument for a really, really expensive drug if in fact I can apply to treat you, you get better and you have many, many more years of productive meaningful life contributing to society whatever.

It's a drug that works 50% of the time and gives you 3 months of life is that a good expenditure? Well, probably not for a society may be for you, but not for society, so these are things that we're going to grapple with, I think for a long time around the world but particularly here in America where we have a certain expectation of what healthcare should deliver.