How Concerned Should We Be about Privacy with Electronic Medical Records?

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We should all be concerned about privacy when it comes to health care, there's nothing more personal than your personal health information, what you will see though is companies I think they're being responsible in the space are basically, here in the US we're left to be adherent to pepper rules and regulations you find companies that are often cloud based services that want to protect their health information or signing those business associates agreements and taking care of that, I also think that the whole issue of privacy around EMRS, there's a little bit of a misnomer here because if you think about the way medicine has been historically practiced and documented, I remember the days when, of course everything was on paper, doctors were driving around paper charts in their cars, I used to hear of reports from journalists who would do, dumpster diving behind hospitals and find all sort of private information about patients, so in many ways we actually with technology can protect your information, better than when it was in paper.

That doesn't mean that we should be not sure about it or take it for granted. People who are going to be storing personal health information on patients have to make privacy and security job one, no question about it.