Giving Patients Access to Their Electronic Medical Records

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The concept was to give all of us easy, that's the key word, easy access to all health information online, and [xx] of a logo, and word for that concept of easy access, and the thought of easy button at [xx] make it easy. The consumer should have a right and a mean to access their health information to better manage the healthcare, to be an active participant into the health care and also to be a means for the different providers to access that complete history.

So, why not making it easy for all of us to access our health information, and that became the blue battle for healthcare, which is button or logo, a blue circle with download arrow. Look at that blue button and the patient [xx], and when you click on it, you can download your health information.

So, when you look at Medicare Blue Button record. It provides for 3 years of medicare beneficiary history coming from claims. So, Medicare collect paid for all healthcare services a Medicare beneficiary receive, whether in a hospital or by different physicians, and all those are health advance made by medicare are collected, and are accessible by medicare beneficiary to have this three years of history in one place.

And some technology providers, I have been able to translate that claim history into a usable, actionable health records. The big task now is to communicate to the public that they have the right and means to access their online health information, and that there is a program called Blue Button, and I'll make it clear what is blue button program is all about it's about accessing your own health records.

For us to review those, to be informed about them, to be able to share them and explaining to the pubic the real value about being engaged, and accessing your own healthcare information, and being in a position to avoid medical errors, and being active participant in own health care..