Why Are Healthcare Providers Slow to Adopt Technology?

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I think they're both challenges in some way frankly I think cultural is probably a bigger challenge. Again both of the patient and the physician because we as people don't like change really, even when change is good. We get a little uncomfortable when things change. Particularly when is not immediately good, right? So if we've been doing it in a certain way for a long time but again the patient is exactly this way too.

We don't necessarily want to change that, so that's a cultural shift. It's a cultural shift because as you pointed out earlier people are starting to use technologies that they've never used before and it may not as good as it could be and so they have to get used to that. The technology need has a lot of work to do too by the way.

I'm not minimizing Improvements that we have talked about some of them it could happen in technology. But we usually find that the culture is just as hard as actually implementing the system. Getting an IT guys to put the system in is only a small pieces of what we do when we actually go and help an institution move into their our/g kinda/g world.