What Needs to Happen for the Healthcare System to Improve?

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I think it's going to take even bigger commitment than we have not in terms of finances but in terms of culture, which is to say that again most of the way healthcare is organized is still very silent. It's not a culture that, there's a lot of cross communication and that could be within a hospital, within the departments in a hospital, etc.

We have to get past this mindset that I'm going to control my own data and that's all there is, right? Then that leads to this concept of interoperability of sharing data, of moving data from place to place and frankly of putting the patient in control of their own data and that's a different model.

One of the things we're doing at Del Valle that I find interesting is we're working with the RS&A which is Radiology Society of North America, it's a big radiology, research and education society. So that when patients go to get MRI scan or a CT scan in the radiology department.

Instead of walking out with a CD that has all the information on it theoretically which doesn't always work and it's hard to open, they walk out with a card and the card has the pointer, login, password etc. To where there is images of store in the cloud. And they now own that, and they can take that to doctor x or doctor y and they can share that data as they want to because they are not the patient, they are now in control of that data and I think that's the model.

I think that's what the model should be, we should empower the patient by letting them control their own data, and letting them decide how they want it distributed etc.