What Is a Physician Doing at a Technology Company?

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Dell is in the process of transformation and that transformation should be more than just a PC company but to be a true solutions company and as part of that I think Michael Dell and the leadership realize that healthcare is an area that is sorely lacking in the use of the information.

Notice I'm not even saying information technology, just information and bringing that information to bear treat patients better, to make things more cost effective, to make things more efficient. So there has a big focus within Dell on how do we take the knowledge, the experience, the learning that Dell has done for itself whether it's from supply chain or efficiency or whatever and it has done for many of its other customers, and financial services in retails, how do you take that and improve healthcare using those technologies and those techniques.

And frankly that idea appealed to me so much that I said I want to be part of it. This is a great platform to be part of.