What Does the Future Look Like for the U.S. Healthcare System?

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In five years I think we will be in a place where information will be driving what we do and notice I didn't say data, I said information I really mean that in a conscious way, is that we will be looking at information all different kinds of information trying to make decisions about how do we treat patients better more effectively more efficiently, based on information, it won't be perfect and we will not have solved all the problems that we've talked about in this conversation, but I think we will be in a better place, we'll start to see the horizon, maybe we won't be at the horizon yet but we'll kind of see the path that where we're going.

There's a lot of change that has to happen in between now, and that's lot of it is technical, a lot of it is cultural but on both by the way the physician side and the patient side but I think we are beginning to see the path and I think five years from now we'll know we're on the path.