Does the Law Need to Change to Help Healthcare Providers Engage on Social Media?

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They will probably need to be on like a lawyer but they will probably need to be some specific modifications to the laws in general or in specific areas, but I don't think the law is the problem, frankly, I think we need to figure out how best to take advantage of these tools in a way where we can actually help patients, when they want to be helped basically, when they feel comfortable in allowing the information to be out there.

Now, there are many different organizations today, many insurance companies and others who trying to use and beginning to use social media and supporting some of this, to engage with their members around or their patients around wellness, for example, how can you use social media, remind people to exercise or remind people to take their medications or whatever.

It's not necessarily around the individual, while talking to you and the whole world is seeing because that does create a privacy issue. But if I am sending as more generalized information, and you happen to be following my twitter feed, and I'm talking about just doctor the way Dr.

Oz might or whatever talking about the importance of exercise, does that help you think about what you are doing? Probably, a little bit. So we are still in the learning phase here. There is a lot, we know the power, we know there is a lot of power in this technology.