Are Doctors Spending Too Much Time on Data Entry?

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I think it's a problem, but it's a solvable problem, in other words it's not inherent in the technology when we were in the dust world computers were slow, they were hard to use, you had to really be an expert, you needed a long amount of training, well okay, that's where we are basically in the EHR world, electronic health records, electronic medical record world.

There's an increasing focus which there will be because you're right, people do complain about this and with good cause, I mean I think the physicians are, many physicians are just adjusting and they are still learning how to do it. Forget about the first year you drove a car, you really had to think about how to drive that car, you focused intently on it because you did not want to hit somebody.

Well there are kind of driving the car for that first year in many cases, and it'll to some degree improve on it's own and to some degree the technology has to improve, just like every other sort of technology experience we've ever had, the first versions are a little bit clunky, they're not as efficient as they should be, they're not as automated as they should be.

There're some things that should happen kind of automatically that don't, so there's all of that piece, I've a lot of confidence that we got some really smart people in this industry and they'll figure out a lot of it.