Do These Healthcare Apps Have to be Simple to be Effective?

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It's part of any mantra, in any technology that it's about a positive user engagement experience, and that has to be rude and in simplicity. If you make it complicated, forget it, I'm not going to do it, but if you actually, not only allow me to get that value back, but I'll give you an example, a patient enters a low or a high blood sugar after they eat and they've indicated in the application that I ate at a restaurant because I'm travelling or something.

That happens Monday. The same thing happens on Tuesday and they get the feedback on how to correct their high blood sugar. But Wednesday when it happens, these flags are of course adjustable, it happened thrice right? In a fixed period of a week and it says hey notice you've been eating out, I'm glad you're eating out it's fun to eat out.

We never shame the patient, always support them positively, but we've noticed that your post blood sugars are high you eat at a restaurant. Let's talk about portion control and let's talk about foods that you can consume at restaurants. And then you think about tying things like that to restaurant databases.

Hey, here's three things you can eat Richard that are actually good for you right now and you think about location based services. Hey, you're quarter block away from Panera Bread and you start to, that's simplicity. If you can bring that level of simplicity and help the patient.

Don't overwhelm them with the book here is your diabetes book, what you need to know at the point in time I'll tell you just that.