What Do Future Biosensors Look Like and Feel Like?

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Imagine a sticker that you get in the mail, and you wear it for a week, and it's something that, maybe every month, or every six months you get a different sticker and you put it somewhere in your body, at the back of your arm, on your chest, or some other place. You wear it for a week and then you either mail it back to your physician, or you scan it with your phone and download the data then you through it away, you throw the sticker away.

Like a Band-aid, and during that period of time for that week, you get a full scan of your vitals, and you'll here entire sort of picture of your health emerges that can be assessed in mind and your personal health record is growing, and you actually have a tremendous amount of information you couldn't point about yourself and that's the minute that we think is actually not that far away.