How Has Your Role As a Pediatrician Changed?

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As it turns out my black bag is in my car and I do make house calls but that's not the way that most of healthcare happens and one of the things that's most important is that parents are connected with each other online and in unprecedented numbers. The mommy blogs and parents network and websites and resources that are available and this a very vibrant conversation going on.

So one of the things I try to do is try to be part of that conversation as a resource. As if there is a lot misinformation out there, you try to give this is my perspective and my contacts for the science civic sense and I think that is one of the most valuable things pediatricians can do, is to join that public discourse and that can help inform and deepen the time you spend with patients.

So they've already read what I think about this topic and they've heard what I've said about it so we can focus on their particular need in the time we've got together.