Why Is It Taking So Long to Go from Curative Medicine to Preventative Medicine?

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People in general aren't animals that work at maintaining optimal health, myself being a prime example, I fail to take my own advice quite often if not may be several times a day so, I think it is a challenge to motivate individuals and I think what we've been able do now is really condense a lot of that complex information and communicate these hard to explain paradgm such as risk to individuals.

You don't really understand, I think, in common dialogue the risks that we face on a daily basis and they don't became tangible until you actually experience the crisis event. And so I think there're new strategies to explain this complex phenomenon, and I think for us as individuals to be empowered with access to information about our well being before it turns into illness I think has opened up new doors of opportunity.

But I think we've also seen a shift in culture. We've seen how the internet, social media, and these new social networks have redefined what we thought to be pretty fundamental tenets of privacy, of what people were willing to share with one another. You go onto Facebook and the amount of information that individuals are freely exchanging with each other.

There are clinical networks such as patients like me which I think has been a very interesting experiment, where patients actually go online, register with this network and share very personal, very intimate details about their drug regiments, their experiences with different care regiments and it's created a community and a public discourse about what we thought was highly personal and information that would never be shared across individuals.

So I think we're seeing some social paradigm shifts that will cause us to think hard about some of the parameters that we have set for ourselves as a clinical community as a public health community. I think we will see some of these basic tenants that we hold sacred, be turned on their head and maybe that will be the source of some innovations in the way we treat patients and improve our preventive care.