Will Digital Health Improve the Doctor/Patient Relationship?

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I think there is a way that the physician is a trusted partner or the provider. I think there are many people in health care besides physicians that play an important provider role. So I think the provider trust can be built asynchronously, if I provide you a resource that gives you a lot of information, I think you trust me then as a resource, not just as someone who might treat you in some way directly.

So I think that and for instance as we get better and more faster in communicating outside of the office, I think the trust again is built. The trick to that is patients now have really through email access, have access to us 24 hours a day, and we still have to trust who we respond to in what time frame, so there is still a risk that the patient may feel that we didn't get back to them in time, but again we're creating algorithms for which of those questions and be handled in a different way than the physician or the one on one response.