How Do We Analyze and Evaluate All of the Data Being Created in Healthcare?

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When I first started advising for health technology start-ups, I would go to big demonstration days, and I was quite disturbed by what I was seeing in the sense that I would ask a question, what are your matrix for success? And these were coming out of health technology incubators and the matrix for success and the answers were how many downloads and how much funding? And I said, well does it work? And it happened to be an up for a back and postural situation, I happened to know a lot about that, so I was very curious what testing they had done, what turns out at that point in time maybe a year and a half, two years ago.

Evaluation was not a piece of the tech development for a lot of the start-ups that were outside of health care and building for health care solutions. So now we work really hard with outside and inside technology developers to have clinical input early and often, and to consider evaluation of the technology from the minute they step to the white board and start designing.

There is a series of types of evaluation that have to occur, and it should be built in as a part of the development plan and budgeted for so that we're getting clear on what things will be engaged with, which will be sustained engaged with, which will be effective at the end all different types of evaluation need to occur.

But rather than putting a lot of money towards something that ultimately won't be adopted or won't be sustained in the adoption or actually it doesn't change behavior or if the behavior changes it doesn't affect the clinical welcome. It's really sad to see that kind of money been put into things that we don't know whether they work or not.