How Can Gamification and Social Networks Impact Employee Health?

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I would describe it more as the right psychology of healthcare. I think if doctors could be retrained, the first thing they would learn is psychology, and the second thing they would learn is nutrition and exercise. They don't learn any of the three by the way medic school doesn't cover any of those as a standard part of the curriculum.

The reason I say that is, and this is about motivation, I actually don't care if it was games or something else. I just care people are motivated, to do this and I don't think part of the games are all by themselves, the answer games have adoptions curved like this. People get excited, they play the game after a while they stop playing the game in general.

The reason social are important to us, in social, as adoption gives more like this. And what happens is the game brings them in and then they socialize by the time again might not bring the men anymore. OK the habit, the socializing, they need a habit of playing the game. But the truth is games by themselves are really more of jump starting the car, then they are keeping the car running.

Social is more the gas that keeps the car running, and so I'm actually more interested in if you have a Facebook to help the cooperate, then I am zinga to help the cooperate.