2 Small Steps to Lose Weight and Trim Your Waist

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Hi, I'm Dr. Vonda Wright with the simple two step plan to help you trim down. Got a pair of jeans that you can't quite zip up? Well, fitting into them again might be easier you think according to researchers. They found you don't have to completely over haul your life to shrink your waist, just follow these two steps.

First, walk an extra 500 steps everyday. That's about a quarter of a mile or a couple times around the block. Second, cut a 100 calories from one meal a day. That's just one less tablespoon of butter, three fewer sips of soda, or leaving three or four bites out of a meal. And here's the best part, if you can stick with this simple plan, chances are you'll make even bigger changes, that's what happened to a group of people in this recent study.

They started with 500 more steps, and 100 less calories a day. Soon they were cutting 300 calories a day, and walking an extra 1, 450 steps a day, that translates into shedding about a pound every 10 days. For more easy ways to slim down and feel great, watch all our Smart Healths tips, right here.