When Should I Let Go, or Give Up Control, While In Addiction Recovery?

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Hi. I'm Dr. Julie Hales and I'm going to answer your question about your struggle with step three of the 12 step program. How do I know how much foot work I am supposed to do and how much do I let go and let the universe have it's results? Some people want to just be passive and prone and say you know two IV's [XX] in my arms and wake me when it's over.

And then other people go out with recovery just too driven to wait for the miracle. I'd like to think of it like a pledge brake on PBS television where they say we've got a donor who'll match your donation. You put up $5, they will match it. Well, how about thinking that the universe is the same way.

You know first think about what you can do and what you are willing to put out and then when you know you have done your best, relax and see what the universe has in stored for you. In a way is like free as if its all up to the universe, but work as it its all up to you and I like the old farming adage and it says when you get, you praying for a good crop, well, when you get up off your knees grab a hoe.