4 Ways to Soften Winter Skin

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Hi, this is Dr. Miller with some tips to save your skin this winter. First eat citrus and eat it often. The vitamin C helps to pomp up collagen that's support of protein fibers that keep skin from sagging. Second skip soaps with colors and fragrances. The diet can leave a dull residual and the sense can figure allergies.

Choose a gentle PH balance cleanser it will help to keep moisture in and it is less likely to irritate your skin. Third go for the greens. Light up on dark green veggies spinach broccoli and mustard greens are rich in vitamin A which nourishes your skin. Finally seal in that moisture the frigid dry air can do a number on your skin.

Try to level to rub on a lotion right after a shower or after you wash your hands. For more tips to nourish your skin and body watch all our health smarts right here.