Help Your Toddler Graduate from Crib to Bed

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Hi, I'm Dr. Altman. Is your toddler ready to graduate from his crib to a big kid bed? Here's how to help him make the transition. First, build excitement about this milestone. Find a book or make up a story about it, and let him help pick the sheets for his new big bed. Next, let him know that his special blanky, stuffed animal or doll will also move from the crib to the big bed.

Then go for it. Pick a night to have him start sleeping in the bed and don't go back but keep his bedtime routine consistent to ease the transition. To encourage good sleep habits, praise him at bedtime and every morning give lots of hugs and kisses. Finally, don't forget safety. Install a bed rail or remove the bed from the frame so the mattress is low to the ground and clear away any anything he could trip over when he gets out of bed during the night.

Consider using a door gate for his bedroom to keep him from wandering the house. I'm Dr. Altman. For more ways to help everyone in the family sleep better, watch all our health smarts videos.