What are 4 Things to Know About Heart Attacks?

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I'm Dr. Mike Royse with a smart tip about how you can keep your heart younger. Heart attacks can strike seemingly without warning, but you can do many things to keep your heart young and maybe even save your life. You may not feel chest pain, your heart doesn't have pain receptives, it has nerves that may trigger other nerves they go in your chest, arm, neck where they may not.

Instead you might have extreme fatigue, poor sleep, shortness of breathe, you have to breath a lot to catch your breathe or even indigestion. Pay attention to your total cholesterol numbers but they don't tell you everything, you really want to pay a lot of attention to that LDL remember by the first initial L, lousy it's lousy cholesterol, it should be less than a 100, your H or healthy cholesterol HPL should be higher than 50.

Know your blood pressure, keep it at 115/75 or lower for a great heart, fewer wrinkles and of course better sex. What's on your mind really matters, anxiety is hard on your heart, anxious people with heart disease are twice as likely to have a heart attack or die compared to mellow peers. Learn how to manage anxiety and stress to keep your heart young.

So take good care of your heart and it will take good care of you. For more ways to keep your heart healthy and young watch all our smart tips they are right here.