Why Silence Is Bad for Your Health

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HI, I'm Dr. Miller do you tell your doctor everything he or she needs to know? Not speaking up can be bad for your health. Don't fall into one of these silent patient traps, you think something isn't worth bothering anyone about. Nagging pain as shortness of breath or just two symptoms that people are tempted to ignore.

That there could be signs of something more serious, let your doctor know. You think your appointments over when you leave. Too many people leave their appointments and then say I wish I'd asked whether I can have wine, when I can have sex and other essentials. Don't rely on "Dr. Google" Smart patients call or email and ask.

You think that if the doctor didn't bring it up, it's not important. We can do lots of things, but mind reading isn't one of them. We don't know that you're having erectile dysfunction or chest pains unless you tell us. If it's bothering you, mention it. Speaking out may be the healthiest move you've made.

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