The Dark Side of CT Scans

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kelvin Solden here with an important health tip for you. The popularity of computerized tomography scans known as CT or CAT scans has sky rocketed in past 20 years. They're painless, none invasive and fast and give doctors detailed images of everything including brain injuries and cancers to fractures but they are not without risk.

A single CT Scan can deliver 100 to 400 times more radiation than a traditional X-Ray. If your doctor requests a CT Scan, ask these questions. Do I really need? One in three CT Scans are unnecessary say researchers in United States and Canada. A radiation-free alternative such as an ultrasound or MRI maybe as good.

Question two, will the scanner be adjusted for my size and weight? Women and kids including teens are especially sensitive to radiation. Be sure the technicians are using the lowest possible settings and provide radiation shields. A CT scan can be a life saver if it's used wisely, be a smart patient, ask questions and you'll be in good shape.

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