4 Medical Tests You May Not Really Need

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Hi? I am Doctor Wright, the lab work, bone scans and other medical tests can be crucial diagnostic tools and even helps save your life. But do you need every test? Every time? Not always. Say no thanks to these tests, X-rays for lower back pain. Lower back pain is miserable but it usually clears up in a few days to a few weeks.

Get an X-ray only if the pain lasts longer than six weeks, sharply worsens or you have other symptoms such as leg problems. A pap smear if you've had a total hysterectomy. The surgery removed your cervix. Paps look for abnormal cervix cells. No cervix no point, a routine EKG. Plenty of savvy docs order electrocardiogram grams for people 40 and older as a part of a routine check up.

No matter how healthy they are, a bone density scan if you're younger than 65. You don't need one unless you've lost height, taken steroids or had an unusual bone fractures such as from a hard sneeze. I'm Dr. Wright, for more tips to this smart patient, watch all our health smarts videos.